World Record

28th November 2006 Scott Bell set a new Guinness World Record for the 'Greatest fire walking distance' by walking 100 meters (328 feet). Scott was totally unharmed and had no signs of any burns. ( TO SEE RECORD, CLICK  BELOW )

The walk took place in Southern China in the town of Wuxi.

The record has been officially confirmed by Guinness World Records.

The fire was over 50 meters long and Scott walked up and down without stepping off!

The temperature of the embers was an average of 560 degrees Celsius.

" I would like to thank the people of China who helped with the breaking of the record. The hospitality was second to none and I was honoured to set another world record in China.The setting in Wuxi was a fantastic and made me feel like I was an ancient warrior"

                                                                   SCOTT BELL - World Record Breaker

Scott has broken the world record twice. Firstly in January 2006 with 250 feet and then in November with 328 feet.